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Weekend [Jun. 16th, 2008|08:43 am]
[Current Location |ITS Help Desk]
[mood |tired-ish/ok]
[music |office sounds again]

So things have gotten somewhat better since my last post. lol.

After work on Friday I went to my therapist, and talked with Diana on the way there. I miss Diana... but I'm going to go visit her on Thursday which I'm super excited about!

Anyways, I told my therapist about my crappy week then we looked for a new therapist together that I'm going to call once I know what my week is going to be like. Lenz Art sent me an e-mail over the weekend asking me if I can come in for an interview on Tuesday or Wednesday morning. I told them Wednesday since I'm working at the Help Desk today and tomorrow from 8-5 which sucks, but I'm making $160.

Devin came to visit me on Friday and my friend Patrick came over and we all watched like 4 episodes of TNG and got drunk. It was a lot of fun. I spent Saturday with Devin until he had to leave at like 3. Miles and Caitlyn were moving out this past weekend, so Cait's parents came down to help them move. They took us all out to Betty Burger which was soo nice of them. It was kinda a late lunch, so Devin and I only had time for one episode of Weeds before he had to leave.

After he left I played EVE because Miles had to help move out stuff until later that night after dinner when he came over and we played Tales of the Abyss for a while. Tales of the Abyss is awesome. The characters are cool, though the main guy, Luke, is a dick.

I stayed up late for some reason after that, though I can't remember why now. I was supposed to get to Devin's at like 1, but I ended up sleeping in until 1:47. Miles came at like 8am something to say goodbye. I'm really going to miss him...

I got up and called Devin right away and then started getting ready. I asked Devin if he wanted to eat with me when I got there, and he said he did, so I didn't go eat until like 3:30 or something. I left my house after getting ready and got to Devin's around 3.

Apparently if I don't eat for a while I feel really terrible... or actually, I don't really feel anything. I just kinda felt cracked out and dead until Devin took me to In-N-Out and I finally got some food. I didn't feel like myself again until after dinner. Stupid stomach meds... They make me feel muted. Devin didn't even wait for me to eat... He was like half asleep when I called so he forgot. lol.

We took his friend Chui to get her hair cut then went out to dinner with his parents. We went to TGI Fridays, which is a pretty good restaurant, they have amazing Long Island Iced Teas too, but I didn't get one tonight.
After dinner Devin and I went and saw the new Indiana Jones movie. WTF is that movie... I don't quite understand how aliens + Indiana Jones = good... The movie had some amazing CG stuff, but it just wasn't good... The only good actor was the crazy guy and even he lost his cred when he stopped being crazy.

After the movie I came back home and pulled 28 more ticks out of me. I have to be getting low on them... I hope...

[User Picture]From: hobbit_cogs
2008-06-17 04:36 pm (UTC)

maybe you should just shave your entire body and then go to the doctor to get reexamined? at that point, that's what I'd to, just to STOP THE FREAKING TICKS AUUUUUUGH

glad things are improving otherwise, though! I can't wait to see you this weekend!
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