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Update! *gasp* [Aug. 13th, 2008|08:38 pm]
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So I found out that the ticks I thought I had weren't ticks at all, they were crabs. I have no idea how I got them... I was with Devin for a couple of weeks before I got them and I definitely hadn't been sleeping with anyone else... I don't know how I got them. Devin and I finally got rid of them this past weekend with lots of laundry and pesticide. It was not a fun problem...

Besides that, work is going pretty well. I'm making money which is good. I'm also going to Canada on the 23rd! I'm super excited about it. I'm going up there with Devin. It's a 9 day trip and we're stopping to see my Grandma and my sister on the way and turn in my commission.

Here are some fun work stories. haha. So we all like to play games with the customers. The game I play is to try to get people to design the craziest thing possible. There's this HUGE ridiculous silver frame and it's my dream to sell it to someone. My co-worker Dan has a couple of crazy things that he'd love to sell to someone. My favorite is the Infinite Jesus Effect. It's basically a box with mirrors on all sides with a Jesus in the middle and Christmas lights around the Jesus and the Mirrors make it so that there are an infinite number is Jesus. It's pretty awesome. There's also the Vortex, which is like 20 alternating black and white mats stacked on top of each other. Not as awesome as the Infinite Jesus Effect, but still pretty awesome.

I had to stay late after work yesterday to help this woman with a project, and she gave me a $20 top afterwards! It made me feel soo good about myself. I like helping people and making customers happy.

I also got a new phone!! I got the LG Dare. It's pretty amazing. I really like it. The touch screen isn't as good as the iphone's touch screen, but I like the functionality of it MUCH more. The iphone is rather silly to me. The Dare has a really good camera and pretty much has Photoshop on it. It has soo much photo manipulation software. It's pretty crazy.

Things have been going really well with Devin too, but we had a kinda tense weekend last weekend... We just kept getting on each other's nerves I guess. We had a really long talk about it afterwards, and I brought up some things that are bothering me. It was good to talk about it, so hopefully things will go better this weekend when I get to see him again.