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Fianls Week [Jun. 13th, 2008|10:24 am]
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So I haven't posted anything in like 70 weeks or something, but I feel like this week was pretty spectacularly awful to justify a post.

This was finals week for me, and having taken a week off from school for my surgery was probably not the best idea in the world since I was still an essay and some reading behind at the beginning of the week.

This awful week really started last week. My cousin Minea had been planning a trip up to Happy Camp for a while to go to her sister Anja's high school graduation. The plan was to leave on Thursday and get back on Sunday. At the beginning of last week I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to go or not because of all of the work I had to get done before the 12th, but Minea guilt tripped me into going.

I also went and saw a therapist for the first time last Wednesday. I went to one up here on campus since I figured that I'm soo shitty about dealing with stress that I could probably use some help.

-tangent story about therapy-
So I went to the office, Devin walked me there and then left, and the therapist wasn't there. I knocked on her door and nothing. Some lady walking by told me that the therapist was out to lunch and would be back soon. She was like 10 minutes late, which was no big deal. We had a good session and talked about a lot of the things that are bothering me and about why I'm soo stressed. I'm going back to see her today again. She unfortunately doesn't meet with people during the summer so I'm going to have to find someone else, but that's ok. She's going to help me find someone new today after I tell her about all the shit that went down this week.

-back to horrible week story-
So Minea,her bf Steven, and I left at like 4:30 for Happy Camp since I had to go to my figure drawing class to present my final drawing, which turned out awesome, and Steven was late. I had to put in an appearance to get the points for the day. I unfortunately didn't get to say goodbye to the hot tranny guy I had been crushing on all quarter which is too bad since he's graduating and I won't be able to talk with him anymore. He's a neat guy.

It was a like 9 or something hour drive and we didn't get to my aunt's house until like 1:30am or something. We went to bed and got to sleep in. I thought that the graduation was in the morning, which is why we all left thursday night, but no, it was friday night at like 7. I have no idea why we didn't just leave on friday. I could have gone to my classes and not missed soo much. Thanks Minea...

Anyways, I spent the day doing nothing, just talking with my family and stuff. There was a dinner party for Anja at 4. The food was super good. Lots of chicken and beef and awesome potato salad. Unfortunately, like 2 hours later when it was almost time to go to the ceremony, my stomach got super upset and I spent like 30 minutes in the bathroom. Not fun.

My stomach finally started feeling better, so I was able to attend the ceremony thankfully. It was a really nice ceremony. There were only 24 kids in the class so it was blessedly short. After the ceremony we came back and watched a movie and then went to bed.

The next day Anja opened her presents and then I started to work on all the crap I was supposed to get done. I was supposed to read Carl Schmitt's The Concept of the Political on the drive up, but I totally didn't, so I had that looming over my head, as well as 3 essays. I went out to my Uncle Kevin's office and started to work on my midterm essay. It only had to be like 2 pages single spaced, so I wasn't that worried about it. I worked on it for several hours and got it done as well as some readings done.

I have super super been wanting to play EVE again, especially since my co-worker Edwin plays it and got me excited about it again. I downloaded the game while up in Happy Camp *ashamed* and played it as soon as I got back to Santa Cruz. haha. I spent a lot of time up in Happy Camp reading up about the game.

After I finished with the essay, I went back into the house and then we went down to the Naturegraph building for a big family dinner. While at the dinner I managed to get like 40 pages of the Schmitt book read and I also got an art commission!! I got commissioned by one of my aunt's friends to do a painting of a rose bush outside of her house that was absolutely covered in roses! It was stunning. I got a super good picture of it and I'm going to paint it in oils. I'm soo excited. I love oils.

I'm taking an oil painting class in the fall and I found an amazing old picture of my Grandma while up in Happy Camp. The picture is when she's like 21 and my Grandpa is showing her how to shoot a gun. The second I saw the old photo I knew that I had to paint it.

My family loves to play charades, so after dinner we played it while I read more Schmitt. There was a lack of gay movies in the game mainly because I wasn't playing. Not many people in my family know I'm gay, even though I don't hide it. We're just WASPy that way. No one talks about it.

After dinner I went back to my Aunt's house and went to bed. I wanted to leave super early in the morning, so we all woke up at like 7 and started getting ready to go. My aunt promised to pay for half of the gas money, and it cost $100 to get up to Happy Camp, so I asked for $100 for the way back. She put up a huge fight about it! It was really annoying and annoyed my parents too when I told them about it later. I finally managed to get the money out of her, but she was not happy about it.

We left at like 8:30am and didn't get home until 4:30pm. It was a LONG drive. Far too long. I managed to finish the stupid Schmitt book in the car.

The second I got back home I started work on another essay, my final essay for my TV and the Nation class. I played EVE at the same time. It was pretty awesome. I got most of the way done with it, but I had work at 8am the next day, so I finally went to bed around 1am or 2am. Devin stayed the night, but he wasn't feeling very good, and he spent a lot of time studying for his finals on tuesday.

I had work on mmonday from 8am-4pm, then I rushed home to pick up Devin and bring him to school to drop off an assignment that was due at 5. I got him there just in time. After I dropped him off I parked at the West Remote and then walked up to College 8 and met up with Mina to play some tennis. It was soo hot that we both got too tired and dehydrated to play anymore after like half an hour. As we were playing I noticed a tick in my arm, which was GROSS!!! but I didn't think much of it. I had walked through a path with tall grass without thinking.

I got home and I was covered in ticks. COVERED! They were all over my legs and crotch and ass. Devin came over and he helped me to pluck them out. We plucked soo many out of my legs. We worked on my legs first, then up to my crotch and ass. It was not fun. Devin and I also had sumer amazing sex, despite the ticks. It was hot. Devin is soo good in bed. hehe.

My legs then broke out in light purple spots and I freaked out and called Sam and she said to go to the hospital, so she came over and picked me up so Devin could work on his studying. We went to the hospital and I was admitted and the doctor came in and like viciously man-handled me while I was naked on the bed and said very abruptly that I didn't have any more ticks on me. I did not believe him. He was kinda a douche. He gave me antibiotics for lyme disease since the small ticks apparently have a higher chance of having lyme disease.

The antibiotics didn't upset my stomach for once, which is good, and I went home at like 3am. I e-mailed my boss saying that I couldn't come into work, and I slept in. I spent tuesday working on my essay more, and got almost done with it, I just needed like a page more. I also went to see my doctor about the ticks. He checked me more thoroughly, but couldn't find any. I promptly found 5 more when I got home.

I had to wake up early in the morning to go to work since my boss was letting me make up the day I missed. I really need the money, so I agreed to. Work was ok, just 4 hours. I finished my TV and the Nation essay at work, then turned that essay, and the midterm essay into my teacher, then went home and had lunch with Miles. I then worked on my War on Terrorism class essay, and cranked out 7 pages of how the world has changed since the end of the Cold War and the beginning of the War on Terror in like 3 hours. I am just that good. I know soo much about that now because of that stupid class.

I also finished all the rest of my reading for that class, leaving just 2 movies to watch. I watched some Weeds with Devin, then went to bed with him around 1 or 2. He had to wake up super early to give a presentation, but I got sleep in after he woke up and left. Once I woke up I put in my contacts and started watching "The Battle of Algiers" which was a movie from the 1960s in black and white that I had to watch for the class. There was no question or even mention of the movie on the test. I hate that class.

Anyways, I watched the movie, then had lunch at Costco with Miles, saw that they had tower fans on sale (this is important later) and then watched part III of "The Power of Nightmares" which is an AMAZING BBC documentary that everyone should watch. Then I got my notes together and organized and set out for school.

I had had some art hanging in the gay center all quarter and I needed to pick it up so I left my house early to do so. I Had to walk quite a ways to get there, finally made it and it was closed, despite the sign next to the door saying that they were open until 5pm monday-friday. Luckily my friend Ernesto lives close by and has the code for it. He came over and let me in and I collected my art and ran to my final since it was getting close to the magic hour.

I knew that the final was going to suck, and it did. It was particularly difficult since I know my shit, but it sucked. The test was open notes and I had my notes, but I didn't realize that it was also open book too and that I could use the two books for the class. That Schmitt book and The Clash of Civilizations by Samuel Huntington which was a terrible book. That man needs to read the Qur'an and take his head out of his ass. I brought neither or those books and I had managed to leave my favorite pen at home.

The final was 8 short identification and then I had to write 3 full on essays. 3 essays was excessive for the midterm and it was excessive for the final. It took me 2 hours to complete the stupid test, and I left feeling happy.

I got home and then went out to Burger King with Sam, Miles, and Caitlyn. I got 2 burgers, a drink, and a fries. I scratched off the contest thing that came on my drink and I won a free Whopper, that I went and got. Caitlyn won an apple pie and gave it to me.

Then we went back to my place and started watching season 3 of Weeds. Weeds is the best show ever. We all finished our food and then sat watching for a while. I started feeling kinda drunk... but kept it to myself for a while. I think Sam finally said that she felt drunk, and all of us agreed. There was something in the food that made us all high. It was weird... We were all soo drugged up. So we decided to get actually drunk and ran down to Longs to pick up some ice cream to make vodka milkshakes.

Sam put WAAAAAY too much vodka in the milkshakes. They were too strong and difficult to drink. haha. We did manage to finish them and finished the season of Weeds. Then they went home and...

-new fan tangent story!!-
So when I went to Costco for lunch with Miles I noticed that they had tower fans on sale. I wanted a tower fan. I've wanted a tower fan since I saw those commercials like 5 years ago for the like $500 ones from Sharper Image. On the way to Burger King we stopped at Costco and I bought the fan! mwhaha. Then we got home and ate and I totally forgot about it until like 12:45am. Then I ran out to my car in my boxers and got the fans out of my car. The box came with 2 fans, a small tower and a big one.

I set up the small one first by my computer, it's soo nice and quiet and cute! Then I spent like 30 minutes putting the big on together. I got to use a screwdriver. hehe. It came with a remote control! and it has like different type of wind settings and a timer and it's tall and pretty...

I like my new fans.

Then I went to bed at like 2am, and couldn't fall asleep for a while. Then I woke up early for work and wrote this lengthly story about my shitty week.

I still have some ticks in me and I have to find a new housemate and a job since Sam bailed on me and that blond bitch took my job for the summer.

*sigh* I'm going to have soo much to tell my therapist today...

[User Picture]From: hobbit_cogs
2008-06-13 08:11 pm (UTC)





....on a more coherent note, be sure to check Devin as well, as he may have caught some from you.

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[User Picture]From: daemonstrueform
2008-06-13 08:15 pm (UTC)
my dad said that the ticks shouldn't leave me since I'm full of blood and they're probably quite content...

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[User Picture]From: hobbit_cogs
2008-06-13 08:22 pm (UTC)


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[User Picture]From: daemonstrueform
2008-06-13 08:36 pm (UTC)
Yeah! They're super not fun! At all!

ugh!!! sucks!

I need a hug...
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[User Picture]From: indilwen
2008-06-13 10:14 pm (UTC)
AHHHHHHH!!!! That is a horrible week D:
Especially ticks in the crotch...that sucks so bad. I'm sorry!
I hope you removed them okay...>_>
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(Deleted comment)
[User Picture]From: daemonstrueform
2008-06-14 07:00 pm (UTC)
The rent is $650 a month and all utilities are free except for internet which is $46 a month total, but we would split it.
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(Deleted comment)
[User Picture]From: daemonstrueform
2008-06-15 02:25 am (UTC)
it'd be $650 for you. I'd pay $850 because my room is bigger. The lease is month to month.

When would you be able to move in again?
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(Deleted comment)
[User Picture]From: daemonstrueform
2008-06-16 08:33 am (UTC)
Ok. Let me know.
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